What We Believe

We are a reformed, confessional, evangelical church. Our first General Synod adopted the Westminster Standards in 1938*. Our constitution, which we regard as our doctrinal standard, subordinate to the Holy Scriptures, includes:

We believe the 66 books of the protestant Holy Bible were given by inspiration of God himself, to be our perfect rule of faith and life.

Core to our doctrine is Covenant Theology, which unites all of God's revelation and by which we are invited to claim Abraham as our father, not biologically but spiritually by our common faith. Ancient Israel and our church share the same promises of God through our common faith in God's messiah, the second Adam, whose righteousness is imputed to us according to the perfect will of God.

We believe that man, since the fall, is so removed from God that we cannot in ourselves even approach Him.

God, in His infinite mercy, humbled himself as Jesus the Christ, our savior, whose perfect obedience is imputed to the Father's chosen people from all time without fail, whereby we can boldly come before the Father as His adopted sons.

Jesus' ascension did not leave us alone. The Holy Spirit, who marks all those in the Book of Life, works in us, Christ's body, through the proclamation of the Word, prayer, and the Sacraments, to sanctify us and preserve us.

* Amended. Predominant amendments were pertaining to the civil magistrate's relation to the church of Christ. For details, see the Westminster Confession of Faith link above and look at the endnotes.

Service Times

Education Hour: Sunday 10:00 am
Worship Service: Sunday 11:15 am

Scappoose Senior Center
(Close to HWY-30 in Scappoose, Oregon. Click here for map.)

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