April Hymn – O Lord Most High, with All My Heart

1 O Lord Most High, with all my heart your wondrous works I will proclaim; I will be glad and give you thanks and sing the praises of your name.

2 The Lord, the everlasting King, is seated on his judgment thrond; the righteous Judge of all the world will make his perfect justice known.

3 Jehovah will a refuge prove, a refuge strong for all oppressed, a safe retreat, where weary souls in troubled times may surely rest.

4 All they, O Lord, that know your name their confidence in you will place, for you have ne’er forsaken them who earnestly have sought your face.

5 Sing praises to the Lord Most High, to him who does in Zion dwell; declare his mighty deeds abroad, his deeds among the nations tell.


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